About Us

Welcome to the St. Clair County Child Advocacy Center Web Site. We hope you will find this site interesting and full of information about our Child Advocacy Center (CAC).

The CAC opened in November 2000 and is a non profit organization which coordinates the multidisciplinary approach to investigations of sexual and serious physical abuse of children. The agency also interviews children who have witnessed violent crimes.

The Center coordinates the investigation, prosecution, and treatment of child sexual abuse cases utilizing a multi-disciplinary team.  Normally, children would have to speak with multiple different professionals regarding the details of the incident.  However, the CAC brings all the professionals that need to hear from the child to one place.  This allows us to reduce the number of interviews a child must go through, limit the number of professionals with whom the child must have contact, and expedite these cases through the judicial system. 

At the CAC, you'll find a child friendly environment, specially trained interviewers, trauma-focused counseling, court and medical advocacy, a comprehensive referral system, presentations for community groups, and more.

The CAC helps children by:

  • The multidisciplinary team witnesses the interview. The team is made up of
    • An Investigator of the police agency having jurisdiction over the case.
    • An assistant state's attorney.
    • A Department of Children and Family Services Investigator.
  • The child and their family are supported through the process by the team and CAC staff.

The Team Approach
The goal of the team approach is to reduce trauma to the victims during the investigation & prosecute crime committed against the child.

  • The team process employs a multi-disciplinary approach in dealing with issues of child abuse.
  • The team is comprised of members from Child Protective Services (DCFS), Law Enforcement, State's Attorney's Office, Medical Personnel, and Mental Health Counselors.
  • The team approach strives to hold offenders accountable through improved prosecution.
  • The team approach decreases the trauma that children face when they have been victims of sexual or serious physical abuse.
  • The team approach reduces the number of interviews a child must endure.