Agency Services


The Child Advocacy Center Provides:

  • Child friendly interviews of children after a report of sexual abuse, serious physical abuse or risk of harm. Children are also interviewed if they have witnessed a violent crime.

  • Case management, referrals to needed services and ongoing support to families.

  • Onsite medical examinations.

  • Trauma-focused counseling for children.

  • Case coordination with law enforcement, DCFS and the State's Attorney.


Any child under the age of 18, residing in St. Clair, Monroe, or Randolph County, being sexually or physically abused.

Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach:

When a child is suspected to have been abused, many things have to happen. The child needs to be protected from further harm. The child and family need to receive counseling. Other children need to be protected from the suspected abuser. Medical services may be needed. If abuse has occurred the offender needs to be held accountable. Those goals are diverse and a multi-disciplinary team is needed to meet them. The CAC coordinates with law enforcement, DCFS and the State's Attorney at the outset of the investigation. Medical and mental health professionals, case managers and specially trained CAC personnel are also involved with the family and the child. The child is always our first priority. All interventions are done in a way that is child friendly to prevent further trauma.

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