Dear Parent

The CAC staff recognizes that this is a stressful time for you. Your child has disclosed that they have been abused or there has been an allegation of sexual or physical abuse of your child. You have been visited by the police and/or a DCFS investigator and been asked to bring your child to the Child Advocacy Center. We know that you have questions. This letter seeks to help answer some of your questions.

Your child will be coming to a child friendly place and talking to a specially trained person. The interview is conducted to allow your child to talk about their experiences. A multi-disciplinary team will watch the interview in another room. This team includes the investigators who will explore the allegations.

The interview is conducted in a child sensitive, non-suggestive and developmentally appropriate manner. All team memembers will be present so that your child will ideally be interviewed one time. Your child's best interest will be the interviewer's primary concern.

During your child's interview you will talk with a case manager/family advocate. She will answer your questions and provide needed referrals. After your child's interview, you will meet with the team members.

The CAC staff will be available to you throughout the investigation to provide support, referrals and information.