Play Therapy Resources

Jeannie Warren; Counselor; (618)877-1184; Granite City, IL; Ms. Warren has 5 years working experience, 2 of which were with Call for Help. She is a registed Play Therapist and 30% to 40% of her clients are young children. She has worked with Head Start and is currently working at Catholic Charities.

Sandra Becker-Warden; Social Worker; (618)345-9536; Collinsville, IL; Ms. Becker-Warden has 23 years of experience with heavy concentration on developing parent curriculum and involvement. She uses puppets, doll house play, and art as mediums to help children open up. She works with children's groups building coping skills and self-esteem. She has worked with toddlers.

Marlene Barni; Social Worker; (636)358-3319; St. Louis, MO; Ms. Barni has 30 years of experience in the field of mental health. She has previously worked for Catholic Family Services and the Salvation Army. She has done therapy for foster care children with severe physical and sexual abuse issues. She has worked with 2 year olds.

Jean Marie Reynolds; Counselor; (314)583-8377; St. Louis, MO; Ms. Reynolds is a member of the American Play Therapist Association. She has 150+ class hours, in addition to supervisor's hours, and is the northeast representative for Missouri Association of Play Therapists. She has contracted with DCFS since 1998 and has experience with treating 2 year olds. She mostly sees young children, as there are few Play Therapists in the St. Louis area.