Report Abuse

The Child Advocacy Center (CAC) serves over 300 children per year. The Center provides all services free of charge. The Child Advocacy Center provides a safe environment that is friendly to children, where a child can report what happened one time. Children and families are guided through the initial disclosure with respect and dignity. Needed resources are provided to the child and family. Ongoing support is offered throughout the investigative process and any court proceedings.

To Report Abuse Please Do Both of the Following:

  1. FIRST, contact your local Police Department or Sheriff's Department.
    (Law Enforcement Agencies)

  2. Contact the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services Hotline Number 1-800-25-ABUSE.

If your child makes a sexual abuse disclosure, stay calm. Listen to your child without asking questions. Don't make the child repeat the disclosure to other family members or the alleged perpetrator. Don't confront the alleged perpetrator. Make sure the child is safe. Call local police or the Illinois Department of Children and Family Serives. If the molestation occured within the last 72 hours or if there are injuries, take the child to the emergency room. Do not bathe the child or change his or her clothing.